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What will you discover should you visit this garden?

  1. The plants which are totally hardy in this habitat.
  2. Techniques to reduce labour. At five to six acres the gardens, for routine maintenance, require four hours to maintain the borders and two and a half for grass mowing per week.
  3. An art gallery which doubles up when required as a concert room, seating eighty. We let it to charities for a nominal fee should they wish to do a spot of fundraising and for small corporate events and wedding receptions at commercial rates.
  4. A display of pottery by two local potters.
  5. A display of garden sculpture on themes of importance to me.
  6. The chance to discuss problems met and  solutions found. Criticism is welcome. It helps me to look at the garden afresh.

Other places to visit

  1. Gordon Riggs garden centre at Walsden, near Todmorden. As an ex-market trader, Gordon’s policy was to pile them high and sell them cheap. His son who runs the business now has much the same policy. Wonderful bargains are to be had.
  2.  Slack Alpine nursery. One of the finest in the north of England and winner of many a gold medal. Situated between here and Hebden Bridge.
  3.  Newby Hall and Gardens near Ripon.
  4. The RHS garden at Harlow Carr near Harrogate.
  5. York Gate at Adel near Leeds. One of the most photographed gardens in the country.